UUMF! Camp
A Camp for Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Families
We are busy planning for UUMF! Camp 2015.
For young adoptees of color, as I once was, growing up in a congregation with [many other] Persons of Color is extremely important. This is likely a fantasy for many children of color in our congregations today. Thus, Multiracial & Family of Color Camps can play a key role in fostering relationships and creating space for dialogue around difficult issues with a supportive cast... There is a connection that happens in a more equitably racially diverse setting. This feeling of connection may be occasional given our dominant White super-majority in our congregations. But creating these opportunities in a consistent and long-term way will ultimately benefit not only our faith community as a whole in the short-term, but set a strong and visible example for the next generation.
- Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons

Welcome to UUMF! Camp's inaugural year! Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Families (UUMF!) Camp is a place to meet other UU families whose members also don't appear to “match” each other. We hope to come together each summer to celebrate our Unitarian Universalist faith with others who share the common experiences that often follow multiracial families. 
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