Who is invited to attend UUMF! Camp?

Families who self-identify or are identified by others as multiracial.

Whether you think of your family as multiracial or others assume that it is, we all face similar challenges. UUMF! Camp is a chance to get together with other families with similar experiences to share fellowship, stories, and strategies.

What if I can't come this year?

No worries. Send us an email and get on our mailing list for future UUMF! camps and activities.

Just send email to marisol.caballero@austinuu.org and let her know you want to get on the UUMF email list.

Other questions?

Just send us an email and we'll get back to you.

Contact Marisol Caballero, Assistant Minister, First UU Church of Austin at 512-452-6168, ext. 306 or emailĀ marisol.caballero@austinuu.org.